With a USA XL16 Imager Plus System, we will be means to locate bullion veins, mislaid treasure, subterraneous utilities while detecting anomalies, such as caves and faults in 3D. The USA Underground Surveyor Apparatus™ works on a element of detecting electromagnetic margin changes that are issued from a Earth.
The USA XL16 Imager Plus Metal Detector has really supportive broadband receivers, enabling it to accept electromagnetic and captivating signals. With a USA XL16 Imaging Pro, there is no need to broadcast a vigilance into a earth, since of a existent signals that are already benefaction in a earth. Unlike any other detector ever built, it is looking for a disproportion in signals, that enables a user to detect gold, treasure, artifacts, tunnels, caves and utilities with accuracy.
The USA XL16 Imager Plus System Series
We have extended a imaging 16x times a normal with increasing information speed. Producing aloft fortitude and some-more accurate showing of targets. New facilities giving we larger control over your scanned image.
The XL16 Imager Plus System in action
Project Mode to keep lane of your scans while in a field.
Adjusts visible of indicate relations to strange belligerent change indicate 0.0 visible tone beam also in black and white.
Enhanced saving facilities to improved lane your plan scans.
Decreased indicate loiter to boost volume of scans during mobile scanning during aloft speed.
Added well-spoken mode to boost correctness of aim shape.
XL16 Imager Plus System Series
XL16 Imager control unit
۱- Pelican continue protecting lift case
۲- Antenna sizes: 24” 36”
۱- ۳D Geovision Pin Pointer
۲- Adjustable Handles
۱- Antenna lift case
۱- Field container (fully assembled)
۲- ۱۸v 3000m Batteries
۱- ۱۸v charger
۱- ۱۲v 6000m Lap tip behind adult battery
۱- ۲۲۵v energy inverter with multi- adapters
۱- Cross over cables
۱- Thumb Drive with 3D Pin Pointer
۱- Software gold for Panasonic
۲- Detailed instruction manuals
۱- Accurate Locators Hat w/ light
۱- ۳ year guaranty information
۱- Tech support