۱-five hunt systems in one device.

2-Small distance and easy to use.

3-Device operates on hold shade that uncover we a hunt data.

4-the Device abyss of 45 meters.

5-Possibility of identifying a aim abyss underneath a Underground.

6-front operation adult to 2,500 meters with The probability of establish a Front Range compulsory Starting from 500 meters or 1000 or 1500 or 2000 or 2500 meters and a abyss of 45 meters underground.

7-Determine a steel to be searched for .
8-The device works in 4 languages – German –English – French – Arabic .
9-certificate of start and guaranty for dual years from a date of squeeze .
Germany attention initial class

10-full weight of a device with accessories usually (5 kg) .

11-the device fit all resources and opposite turf .

12-the device does not influenced by a forms of soils and rocks .