The EMFAD-measuring method is formed on a analysis of variations of electromagnetic margin information caused by anomalies in a subsoil. It can locate
–  conductive materials, such as metal, pipes, barrels, cables, reinforced concrete,electrolytic effluents, etc.
–  irregularities like cavities, graves, faults, shafts, belligerent fills, deposits, caves,tunnels, landfills.

The EMFAD-Technology has been successfully deployed in use underneath variousdifferent climatic and geological conditions by professionals as good as by hobby researchers. Fields of focus primarily are archeology, geophysics, geology, hydrology and value loacating (treasure hunting) in really opposite focus areas as archeological sites, industrial rubbish sites and rubbish deposits, building lots, mining ares, street- construction sites, troops use sites and other dirt investigations.
Technical Information

Electromagnetic sensor system
–  Works universe far-reaching in pacifist mode with outmost Radio Stations and in active mode with possess Transmitter/Generator

Receiver magnitude range
–  External Frequencies: 0-160 kHz;   possess Transmitter/Generator: 19, 24, 33, 70, 90 and 124 kHz

Microprocessor tranquil measurement
–  Automatic mode:  Probe recording and Readings are stored automatically 2/second, 1/s, 1/2s and 1/4s –  Manual mode:  Manual triggering, Readings stored automatically around Bluetooth on TABLET-PC

Presentation of Measurement
–  In genuine time on TABLET-PC

Measuring indicate density
– Dependent on step length, step speed and stretch between totalled profiles = 10 cm

Depth of localisation
–  Overview = 12 m;  Detail adult to 12 m

Weight –  2.5 kg

Operation time
–  Receiver/Bluetooth: 8 h;  Transmitter/Generator: 8 h;  TABLET-PC 9 h

Ambient temperatur
–  -10 to +55 C

Data processing
–  With recording- and display module EMFAD-TAB in genuine time on TABLET-PC
–  With analysis module EMFAD-ScanDS for 2D and 3D presentation, displaying and printing

Data export For serve estimate and support to Microsoft-EXCEL and SURVER from Golden Software or any other program, that handles ASCII-Files