GARRETT AT GOLD شامل فرکانس از ۱۸Khz برای تشخیص بهبود یافته از کوچک قطعات طلا، طلا و جواهر، سکه و آثار!

عمیق به دنبال درست عملکرد تمام حالت های فلزی برای تمام زمین عامل!

یکی از آشکارسازهای متنوع ترین در بازار امروز.  GARRETT AT GOLD به یک ماشین فوق العاده سرگرم کننده و بدون استرس به شکار با این یک انتخاب خوب برای کسانی که می خواهند به تمرکز در درجه اول در اکتشاف طلا است، اما ممکن است گاهی اوقات انجام برخی از سکه و شکار اثر است.

garrett during gold گنج یاب during gold garrett steel detectors طلا یاب گرت ردیاب طلا Garrett گنج یاب گرت Garrett فلزیاب گرت Garrett during goldفلزیاب ضد آب

True All-Metal mode offers deepest showing abyss and attraction on a smallest nuggets.Graphic Target AnalyzingGRAPHIC TARGET ANALYZING
Simultaneously shows a target’s conductivity and a detector’s taste pattern.All TerrainALL TERRAIN
Designed for use in wet, wet and dry environments. Weatherproof housing can be enthralled in H2O to 10-foot (3m) depth.Digtal Target IDDIGITAL TARGET ID
Numeral scale from 0 to 99; indicates a aim metal’s conductivity for increasing ability to heed targets from any other.High-Resolution Iron DiscriminationHIGH-RESOLUTIONI IRON DISCRIMINATION
Provides 44 points of iron resolution—controlled with touchpads and noticed as a digital series on a LCD—for a many accurate ability to apart a good aim from iron trash.Adjustable ThresholdADJUSTABLE THRESHOLD
Allows a user to manually adjust a audio threshold
(constant credentials sound) to improved hear targets.Pro Mode AudioPRO MODE AUDIO
Proportional audio response and Tone Roll Audio facilities yield some-more aim information.Iron AudioIRON AUDIO™
Allows user to hear discriminated iron and to audibly brand cryptic prosaic iron objects like bottle caps and washers.All-Metal Iron AudioALL-METAL IRON AUDIO™
A Garrett disdainful underline that allows user to audibly brand iron objects even while handling in a True All Metal Mode.Ground Balance (Manual)GROUND BALANCE (MANUAL)
Allows a user to manually adjust a detector’s belligerent change to revoke a unpropitious effects of belligerent mineralization.Ground Balance WindowGROUND BALANCE WINDOW™
A Garrett disdainful underline that allows user to “spread” a belligerent change environment to revoke a response to pointed belligerent variations.Fast Track Ground BalanceFAST TRACK™ GROUND BALANCE
Automatic underline that allows user to fast belligerent change a detector in mineralized dirt conditions.Electronci PinpointingELECTRONIC PINPOINTING
This Non-Motion All-Metal Mode is used to precisely locate a rescued target’s plcae in a ground.One-Touch Treasure HuntingONE-TOUCH TREASURE HUNTING
With a hold of a button, your steel detector is: powered on; automatically reset to bureau (or your) settings; and prepared to search!