Since 1986 a Model 301 has been used successfully by prospectors, cache hunters, gob shooters and china hunters. In a hands of a schooled user who takes a time to learn and know a operation, a Model 301 has been called a “lethal arms in a field”. Boasting apart bullion and china modes, a Model 301 has a limit operation of dual miles and on incomparable targets and reported find inlet of adult to twelve feet. By locating apparatus from a distance, a Model 301 reduces a time spent in a margin acid extremely and a finds being accounted for has significantly increasing as well.

Gold/Silver Switch

Multiple Tuning Combinations

Hi/Low Sensitivity Switch

۹ Volt Alkaline Battery

۱۰ Position Tuning

۱۰ Position Discrimination Knob

Meter used for tuning

Low Battery Indicator

The Widow’s Cache
By B. Greene

I have only perceived Bob Greene’s sparkling comment of this “thrill of a lifetime.” Due to a inlet of his business, a site had to be worked with option before Bob could go public. But now, for a initial time, a whole story can be told.
Bob initial schooled about a Model 301 final summer when Thomas of Electroscopes® came to pronounce to his value sport club. During a meeting, Bob and 3 other members concluded to be corner owners of a Model 301. When Bob’s spin came to use a instrument, he review a handling instructions and went to an aged schoolyard to practice.

After tuning and removing proficient with a correct use of a equipment, he was prepared to start searching. In only 45 mins he found his initial china china – a 1943 entertain in really good shape. Still no nonetheless assured that he had a genuine find, he followed another vigilance a brief stretch away, and found a 1942 china dime. Then he perceived a vigilance that was utterly a stretch from a initial dual coins. About 150 feet divided he unclosed nonetheless another coin, a 1926 dime.

By this time he was sole on a Model 301. What a tool! Each find was 9 to 12 inches deep, and a 301 pinpointed a hunt area to a three-foot square. Bob tracked down any aim with a Garrett A.D.S. 7, that did a good pursuit verifying a Electroscope®’s recoveries.

At this time Bob had to lapse a Model 301 to his partners but, carrying satisfied a capabilities of a Model 301, he started seeking everybody for leads. One of his friends had listened about a widow who was looking for her decreased husband’s money. We all know about fake leads, though he took a time to revisit a lady and check out a story.

After articulate to her, he was assured that there were turn-of-the-century coins to be found. He and his partners worked out an agreement with a lady to separate a find, with Bob maintaining one-third.

Anxious to get started, Bob set a 301 in a china mode and started to hunt. At initial he found only china coins. His partner was happy to continue to hunt for a coins with his steel detector, though Bob wanted to work in another instruction with a range and demeanour for a cache. He switched to a bullion mode of operation, incited adult a discrimination, and started scanning in another direction. He got a clever signal, that he tracked regulating a Electroscope® pinpointing method. Still operative with a Model 301, he boxed in a strong hunt area to a three-foot square. With his Garrett, he done a final pinpoint and started digging a tiny hole.

At about 10 inches low he found a one-foot prolonged iron image – though no coins. At initial he was confused, though past knowledge told him to recheck a hole. Using a hunt curl he got another signal. He started digging about 12 inches, BINGO! He found a jar filled with coins!

Bob and his partner were so vehement they ran behind to a lady with a find. Imagine their warn when she pronounced that there had to be some-more jars given her father had been saving for years. Bob and his partner hadn’t even suspicion of looking for some-more than one jar.

Immediately they returned to a site and certain enough, a Electroscope® continued receiving some-more signals. Soon jars #2, #3, #4 and #5 were recovered! Some of a jars had over $200 in coins and one jar contained 5 $10 bullion pieces; Bob perceived one-third of his find.

Understandably, Bob pronounced it was tough to describe in essay how he felt as he left a widow’s house. All a approach home, he and his partner talked about a cache they had recovered. He was ecstatic about his find though assured there contingency be some-more value to redeem with a Model 301.

Since then, Bob has found one some-more china cache and has leads on other finds to be retrieved after agreements have been signed. These do not count tiny hits of one or dual coins that have combined adult to $80 in face value alone, not deliberation profitable dates and additional bullion pieces. Not bad for reduction than a year’s time. I’d contend Bob’s Electroscope® has paid him many times over.

We mostly dream of anticipating value in a field. Bob’s story proves that if we have a right lead and a right equipment, value can be found.